ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) Training Course

The agenda of the course will cover the scope of the ESCC activities, including the ESCC specification system and the ESCC component qualification and manufacturers’ certification processess.

In particular the course will address the following topics:

  • What is ESCC and how is it related to the space industry in Europe?
    • The ESCC organization (the roles that national space agencies, European space industry and component manufacturers play)
    • The Governance of ESCC (policy, strategy, implementation processes)
    • The ESCC specification system. Its core specifications and its areas of growth.
  • ESCC Evaluation and Qualification in detail.
    • The access to ESCC qualification
    • Latest developments: ESCC Process Capability Approval
  • Quality Assurance in ESCC


-Time: 10th
of May 2017, 09:30AM-16:30PM
-Venue: ESA ESTEC, meeting room, “ESCAPE Dance Room”

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