About us

National Contact Points NCP for Space provide support on Space funding under EU Framework programmes

In 2007 under FP7 the EU started funding an NCP Space network which was named COSMOS. This enabled the NCPs to benefit from each other’s experience and thus raise the level of the overall quality of their services. Additional services were established like a joint website and news service providing information about Space and EU Framework Programme related topics. Furthermore they organised international information days in support of the European Commission with emphasis on bringing potential project partners together. Last but not least they implemented a country independent helpdesk for EU framework Space research related questions.

Within COSMOS2020 the network activities are continued under Horizon 2020.
Capacity building, information Services, project partner search support and more activities will once again reinforce the cooperation of the NCPs and raise the overall quality level of services.

The acronym stands for Continuation of Cooperation OSpace NCPs as a Means to Optimise Services. The term COSMOS originates from the Greek language and means orderly system. This is what the NCPs want to achieve within their project. Via this website including a helpdesk and via a newsletter additional benefit is provided for people being interested in Space in FP7, Horizon 2020 and more.

Facts about COSMOS2020

Scope:            NCPs from 23 countries join forces
Coordinator:   DLR (DE)
Runtime:         1st January 2015 – 31st December 2017
Website:        www.ncp-space.net

COSMOS2020 Services
  • COSMOS+ Website with up-to-date information on relevant space topics
  • COSMOS+ Newsletter helping you not to miss important news on space, FP7 and Horizon 2020
  • Events for partnering and information on space topics

For more information about the NCP network, contact the COSMOS+ project coordinator:

Mr. Adrian Klein
National Contact Point for Space
DLR, Germany, info(at)ncp-space.net
Tel.: +49 (0)228/447-213

Former Projects COSMOS & COSMOS+

COSMOS and COSMOS+ were the networks of National Contact Points for the Space theme under the EU’s 7th Framework Programme for Research & Innovation. The objective of the project was to build a strong supportive network for the benefit of our clients. The space National Contact Points (NCP) shared good practice and joined training courses to improve their skills. Towards their clients they offered an email based news service with up-to-date information on Space and neighbouring topics. COSMOS+ supported project partner search and developing common concepts to raise awareness for Space in the EU programmes and on the Space NCPs. Overall, a more balanced high quality NCP service was targeted for the benefit of new as well as experienced FP7 applicants. Last but not least COSMOS+ aimed to harmonise services offered by the participating Space NCPs.

Facts about COSMOS+
Scope:            NCPs from 20 countries join forces
Coordinator:   DLR (DE)
Runtime:         1st May 2012 – 30st November 2014
Website:         www.ncp-space.net

Facts about COSMOS

Scope:            NCPs from 35 countries join forces
Coordinator:   DLR (DE)
Runtime:         1stJune 2008 – 31st March 2012
Website :         www.fp7-space.eu

Contact person for website matters is:
Ondrej Mirovsky mirovsky (at) tc.cz