ESA Call for Ideas – Generating value to Society from Research in Space

The European Space Agency ESA is inviting public and commercial organisations from ESA Member States to propose ideas and suggestions for commercial and application-driven utilisation of the International Space Station, ISS, and the other space environment facilities. The aim is to generate ideas leading to new products and/or services that will create businesses and generate commercial opportunities.

This joint initiative calls for commercially-driven proposals for utilising ISS, and (if required) to exploit research results stemming from ISS and ground-based space analogues in preparation.

Selected projects would be advanced through three existing mechanisms:

  • Assessment of the business plan and market potential,
    via a Business Applications Feasibility Study;
  • Implementation of the research and development project
    via E3P Programme;
  • Pre-commercial demonstration of derived products / services
    via a Business Applications Demonstration Project.

Submission deadline is on 17 August 2018.
ESA will provide responses to all submitting consortia not later than end September 2018.

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