ESA Kick-start Activities

ESA’s Kick-start Activities are designated to enable companies to undertake compact Feasibility Studies that explore new service and application concepts which make use of space capabilities.

The Invitations to Tender for Kick-start Activities are divided into Thematic Calls.

List of upcoming opportunities::

  • Blockchain (open – closes 8th April 2019)
  • Mining (opens 9th April 2019 – closes 20th May 2019)
  • Space for Sport (opens 21 May 2019 – closes 1st July 2019)
  • AI (Please note the deadlines are different for each AI macro-area – see below)
  1. AI Consumer goods, business and industrial services (opens 13th May 2019 –  closes 21st June 2019)
  2. AI Social Impact (opens 25th June 2019 – closes 30th August 2019)
  3. AI Infrastructure (opens 2nd September 2019 – closes 11th October 2019)
  4. AI Environment and natural resources (opens 14th October 2019 – closes 29th November)

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