European GNSS Innovation procurement opportunities within H2020 and Horizon Europe

GSA is organising on 11th of April workshop in Prague to clarify the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) focused on EGNSS.

The workshop will focus on the value added of PCP and PPI instruments; the benefits, challenges and lessons learnt by previous PCP and PPI projects and the opportunities for PCPs and PPIs projects to support the development of EGNSS applications.

Within Horizon 2020, pre-commercial procurement for EGNSS will be assessed through a pilot call
that will be open in October 2019, with expected budget of € 3 million (subject to confirmation). The
workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss the most promising application areas for the pilot, along with administrative information and details.

The workshop is part of a study commissioned by the European Commission on the “Analysis to define the potential use of Innovation Procurement (PCP/PPI) within H2020 and Horizon Europe EGNSS market uptake calls”.

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