How much do European Citizens know about Space?

Europeans are undeniably interested in space activities, and the idea of pooling resources between European countries is considered important unanimously by European citizens: just two of the fascinating findings from a recent survey of public perceptions of issues related to space.

Carried out on behalf of ESA by Harris Interactive in December 2018, the survey questioned over 5000 people aged 18 or older and representative of the public in Europe’s five most populous countries, Germany, UK, France, Spain and Italy.

The survey found that, almost unanimously, Europeans identified three main uses for space:

  • better understanding the Universe
  • observing our own planet, for example the effects of climate change, and
  • they recognised the ability to make life on Earth easier, for example in transportation or communications.

Fewer people believed that space activities could protect us against threats from space, though almost all agreed this should be a priority. Disappointingly, only 4 out of 10 Europeans felt well informed about European space activities.

Overall though, 90% of respondents had a positive view of space activities.

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