Entrepreneurs / Investors needed as Expert Evaluators for EIC

Are you an entrepreneur or investor with experience of helping innovative companies to grow?

A call for evaluators with expertise in innovation or investment has been launched to review proposals submitted by SMEs from across the EU. The SME Instrument supports the development of breakthrough innovations and evaluators will also interview and select the top innovators to be funded.

From autumn 2017, the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 will support innovation projects from innovators, researchers, corporates and SMEs active in any sector or technology. The aim is to identify companies and entrepreneurs with the potential and ambition to grow internationally, as part of a pilot European Innovation Council. The Commission is therefore looking to expand its pool of expert evaluators to include:

  • entrepreneurs who have started up and scaled up innovative enterprises at European or global level
  • investors (including those affiliated with banks, venture capitalists, business angels, crowd-funders etc.)
  • experts involved in the innovation ecosystem (business schools, universities, innovation hubs, accelerators, etc.)

To register, experts need to fill in their data on the EC website.
Register soon! The first interview panels will be drawn up in October 2017.

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