ROSA is an independent public institution – legal person fully self-financed, organized by the Government Decision no. 923/1995 and defined by Law no. 500/2002. The main mission of ROSA is to promote, coordinate and develop aeronautical and Space research and applications programs/projects in Romania and to represent the Government in relevant international cooperation agreements and in the relation with the European Space Agency and acts as the head of delegation for the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer SpaceROSA develops its own research and development projects and centres.

The ROSA Research Centre has been established in 1998 and is developing since 2000 as a centre of excellence. In the research area, ROSA has 20 specialists covering fields as: aeronautics, physics, remote sensing and biology. More than 55% of the developed projects are in international cooperation, ROSA having government agreement with ESA, CNES, NASA, etc. Knowing the importance of the gender issue for R&D Programme it is worth mentioning that in the ROSA’s research activities are involved 10 women.ROSA is the contract authority for the National Aeronautics and Space R&D Programme (2001-2006) – Ministry of Education and Research and also for the National Security R&D Programme.ROSA participated in FP6, in projects like START, AirTN, Researchers’ Night, DonQ Air.

As contract authority and PMU, ROSA is in permanent communication with most of the organizations – research and development, universities, industry, NGOs involved in aeroSpace and security activities. ROSA is organizing, on a current basis, workshops, seminars and annual national conferences on Space and aeronautics to evidence the progress of the programme. The ROSA website is functional and updated on a regular basis. IN FP6, professionals of ROSA were members of the AeroSpace Programme Committee, and were assigned as the Romanian AeroSpace NCP. Within FP7, Professionals from ROSA are members in ‘TRANSPORT- including Aeronautics’, ‘SECURITY’ and ‘SPACE’ Programme Committees and they are also the Romanian NCPs for these themes.