New version of H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement out now

The Annotated Model Grant Agreement AGA is a user guide that aims to explain to applicants
and beneficiaries the General Model Grant Agreementand the different specific Model Grant Agreements for the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for 2014-2020.
The purpose of the document is to help users understand and interpret the GAs, by avoiding technical vocabulary, legal references and jargon, and seeking to help readers find answers to any practical questions they may have about particular parts of the GAs.

The EC has published a new version and the update includes changes regarding:

  • Updates due to the amendment of the model grant agreement
  • New presentation of calculations for payments and recoveries
  • Updates due to the adoption of the Guide on grant reductions
  •  Annotations on the new Lump Sum Pilot model grant agreement and the new MSCA Special Needs model grant agreement;
  • New annotations and updates in some specific model grant agreements (ERC, MSCA, SME Ph1, PCP/PPI, SGA, general lump sum).

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