OECD-ESA Workshop: Innovation Drivers in Downstream Space Activities

9 – 10 June 2016, ESA/ECSAT facility in Harwell, UK

The downstream sector has become the main engine of growth in the global space economy. Private industry large and small is the main force within the sector, whilst institutions are responsible for creating the right conditions for the “space economy” to flourish. Public funded R&D and more sophisticated models of public-private co-funding have key roles to play in de-risking the development of new technologies that have great potential. By working together, public organisations and private companies can be innovative, transforming economies, proactively taking risks and harnessing the complementary strengths that each has to offer.

In line with this vision, the European Space Agency and the OECD are engaged in exploring the full range of initiatives, including innovation governance models and policy tools that may be applied to further develop the space economy. In particular, the OECD is conducting a dedicated project on innovation in the space sector, reviewing major game changers, evolutions in industrial and organisational processes and technological advances, with a view to provide evidence-based recommendations to policy-makers. In parallel, ESA is conducting a study with prominent consultant Prof. M.Mazzuccato about “Market creation as a core ESA mission in a changing global space sector: towards a competitive and sustainable European space ecosystem”.