Sentinel Hub Custom Scripts Contest

Sentinel Hub, together with the Copernicus EU Earth Observation programme and the European Space Agency, are looking for new and innovative ideas and scripts for Sentinel Data processing and visualisation.

Take part in Sentinel HUB Custom Script Contest. You can hand in up to three different scripts either as a single author or as a representative of a group. The participation of students is strongly encouraged, be it a university or high school. The contest could be an interesting project for high school science classes.

The categories are:
– Agriculture and Forestry
– Marine environment
– Snow and Glaciers
– Disaster management and prevention (wildfires, floods, hurricanes, …)
– Air quality and Urban planning
– Other scripts (all not fitting into one of the other categories)

Among the other attractive prizes, the best overall script will win a trip to the European Space Research Institute (ESRIN) in Rome, travel and two nights in a hotel included, sponsored by ESA, the opportunity to talk with experts in relevant fields and to see the Phi Experience, opening up exciting insights into modern Earth observation.

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