Space4Culture – Satellite Services for Cultural and Historical Cities

15-16 October 2018, Matera (Italy)

What can satellite services do for those managing historical cities, safeguarding cultural heritage, or creating innovative cultural and artistic experiences?

In the frame of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Basilicata Region is joining forces with NEREUS, EURISY and the Italian Space Agency to host a unique workshop on “Space4Culture – satellite services for cultural and historical cities”.

The aim of the conference is to discuss current and potential uses of satellite-based services to safeguard and promote cultural heritage, create new and cultural artistic experiences, foster social inclusion, and promote access to culture and arts within and around cities in Europe and in the Mediterranean area.

In particular, this conference will focus on uses of satellite-based services in the domains of Managing historical cities, safeguarding (promoting and avaluing cultural herage) and creating innovative artistic and cultural experiences.

Conference objectives

  • to raise awareness on operational satellite-based services which have already proved their added-value
  • To identify the obstacles preventing the full exploitation of satellite-based data
  • To collect needs related to the use of satellite data (and in particular of the Copernicus datasets) and requirements for the integration of such data into existing datasets and platforms at the local, national and international levels.

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