Survey on ‘Understanding industrial capacities to support the Copernicus Programme

In the context of the evolution of the Copernicus Programme the European Commission wishes to conduct a market survey to assess the current capacities of the space market and its possible transformations in the future.

Among the issues the survey will address are how to leverage the capacities of both industry and Member States and better use public funds to meet the user needs with the industrial offer, and how that offer can enhance the capacities of the Sentinel constellation. As part of the survey, the Commission would like to gain industry’s input and ideas with regard to its future development needs and possible implementation mechanisms.

Through this survey and further exploratory discussions the Commission expects to gain a better understanding of the industrial interest and capacities (including new and innovative asset types) which could be available to the Copernicus programme together with a high-level characterisation thereof.

Economic operators interested to take part in the survey are invited to notify the Commission in writing to by 4th April 2018 at the latest, indicating their formal interest, together with a preliminary indication of assets (existing or planned) which could be made available to the Copernicus programme in its evolution post-2020. All information will be treated in a confidential manner.

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