Access4SMEs Promotional Guide to access financial instruments

The document shows the European opportunities for innovative SMEs with a special focus on InnovFin tools, reports on selected success stories from both financial intermediaries and successful applicants and a dedicated chapter with Tips & Tricks for a successful proposal.

Main achievements are:

  • Identify key success factors that enable Financial Intermediaries to allocate InnovFin products more effectively
  • Provide SMEs and NCPs with tips for promoting a more inclusive utilization of Financial Instruments 2014-2020
  • Focus on InnovFin SME Guarantee facility (SMEG), InnovFin SME Venture Capital
  • Study conducted through ad hoc surveys addressed to both more performing and less performing Financial Intermediaries”

The Promotional Guide has  been published thanks to a joint exercise carried out by Horizon 2020 National Contact Points for Access to risk finance and SMEs in cooperation with financial intermediaries accredited by the European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund (EIB-EIF).

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