Archimedes is an independent body established by the Estonian government in 1997 with the objective to co-ordinate and implement different EU programs (FP-s, LLL, Youth) and projects in the field of training, education, research, technological development and innovation. It has a permanent staff of 60, working in two offices located in Tartu and Tallinn, the main educational and research centres of Estonia.

Among other responsibilities Archimedes organizes higher education accreditation and research evaluation in Estonia and belongs to the European Network of National Information Centers on Academic Recognition and Mobility. Archimedes is also a member of the Innovation Relay Centres and of the National Academic Recognition Information Centers network. Archimedes is the implementing body for the Estonian research information system (

Archimedes has an excellent track record of co-co-ordinating and implementing numerous international projects, 53 of them since 1997. Being a part of R&D and innovation systems in Estonia and one of the institutions responsible for implementation of research related acquis, Archimedes was/is closely involved in the implementation of various new measures supporting the European Research Area.